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If you are about to close the deal on your dream home, we say you don’t rush into it. There may be hidden faults and defects in the house which you haven’t noticed yet. These may lead to major repair bills and inconvenience after you have moved in. If you are a seller wishing to list your house for sale, these hidden defects may put off a prospective buyer.

Getting a home inspection in Chicago can help you save the hassle. We, at Drumm Home Inspections, provide  professional, reliable and affordable home inspection services to homeowners across Chicago. We check all major systems, appliances and the condition of the structure to highlight defects that need to be addressed. We then give you a detailed and unbiased report which helps you make informed decisions.

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We are a team of experienced, trained and certified inspectors who give in their best to every inspection that they do. With the aid of modern technology, equipment and tools, we are able to identify faults and defects, and detect the presence of harmful substances in the property. We highlight all concerned areas, shortcomings and repairs in our report with the help of illustrations and detailed captions. Unlike a quick walk around the property, we dig deep and inspect everything carefully.

Should you hire a home inspector in Chicago based on your friend’s recommendation? We say it’s better to trust only a licensed and trained inspector with your home inspection. Only such an inspector is experienced enough to be able to find damage, defects and faults in a property which generally go unnoticed by the naked eye or which are purposely hidden.

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A typical home inspection takes from 3-5 hours, and the report is given to you within 24 hours of the inspection. The report is detailed and comprehensive, and contains information in the form of pictures and detailed descriptions, to help you understand it better. We suggest you be present on the time of inspection so that you can ask questions to the home inspector about the repairs suggested.

When you trust us for a home inspection in Chicago, you are signing up for the best of service at very affordable prices. You will not be disappointed and you can take our words for that! So, wait no further and give us a call to hire the best home inspector in Chicago.


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