Apartment Inspection

Are your tenants not practicing safety codes? Do you suspect your tenants of owning a pet when it was not permitted by you? Why not conduct an apartment inspection in Chicago!

As a landlord, you have the right to inspect the property you own, from time to time, so as to ensure its upkeep and proper maintenance. But you may not have the expertise or training to conduct thorough inspections, which is what we are here for. We conduct apartment inspections for all landlords who want to keep a tab on the condition of their properties. You can also get an apartment inspection in Chicago done before moving in. By making a list of all defects and faults, you can make sure everything that is addressed in a timely manner and prior to your moving in.

Apartment Inspection By Experienced Inspectors

We have a team of inspectors who are experienced in conducting apartment inspections. They dig deep into everything they are inspecting. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment and tools, they are able to identify issues and ensure no defect or alteration goes unnoticed.

An apartment inspection in Chicago usually involves a walk around the property to ensure there are no damages or changes to the interior, or there are no alterations to the exterior. This would include looking for holes in the walls, broken appliances, gouges in the hardwood floor, signs of pets (if not permitted), or checking if smoke and fire detectors are in proper working order.

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